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The GlobalFlex Difference

What Makes GlobalFlex Different?

Simple: Direct Access to Asia and the world.
With GlobalFlex, there are no third party trading companies. We are aligned and vertically integrated with everyone of our factories.

In today's competitive environment, U.S and International companies have needs beyond getting the lowest price. Quick and accurate communication, agility and JIT response are critical aspects in modern markets. Working directly with each factory on your behalf, GlobalFlex greatly reduces delays, minimizes communication breakdown and relays your needs quickly and thoroughly; insuring that your product is delivered exactly to your spec the first and every time.

Additionaly, with no trading company involved, you are assured the lowest possible price out of Asia! You’ll experience the GlobalFlex difference in four very important areas.

  • Factory Qualification
  • Cost Savings
  • Quality Control
  • Our Overseas Team
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    Your Direct Connection

    Here, Cooper Bayliss, Vice President of GlobalFlex, meets with the owner of a flexible packaging factory in Zhejiang, China.

    GlobalFlex offers the costs savings of imported packaging with the convenience of a domestic manufacturer.
    Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us today to learn how easy we can make it to import your packaging.