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Design and Print Collaboration

Developing and implementing marketing strategies for emerging brands

Having collaborated with GlobalFlex on a variety of successful packaging and collateral projects over the past decade, Capstone has partnered with GlobalFlex to provide a full range of creative and production services for clients in Africa and worldwide. Our strategic, brand-savvy approach delivers unique, emotionally driven campaigns that set our clients’ products and services apart from the competition and deliver a strong return on investment. Capstone’s forward-thinking work process, which embraces current design trends and emerging technologies combined with GlobalFlex’s print and trade expertise ensures that the deliverables are produced efficiently and timely.

Capstone was founded in 1985 by Jo-Anne Redwood, a native of South Africa with over 20 years experience working internationally. Redwood and partner John T. Dismukes have developed a synergy with GlobalFlex developing creative branding solutions and ensuring that all facets of production from inception, printing and delivery are met.

Clients value our holistic, collaborative approach to marketing and ability to leverage brands across multiple touch-points ensuring integrity, continuity, and consistency. Areas of expertise include packaging, print, web, multimedia, and environmental design; brand development and campaign planning.

With its roots in entertainment design and advertising, Capstone’s work is infused with Hollywood excitement. Their work has been recognized by many prestigious organizations and publications, winning over 150 awards and honors, including: Belding, Key Art, and American Corporate Identity.

Marketing and design with GlobalFlex partners
Toshiba product demonstration kit and packaging