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Maxell Packaging Mexico-Packaging and Fulfillment - Blister, Clamshell, Shrink: GlobalFlex, Inc.

Expert Fulfillment and Packout

GlobalFlex and Maxell Packaging Mexico have partnered together to bring you the most advanced contract packaging service available. With ISO 9000 certification and a commitment to quality and accuracy, we ensure an exceptional finished product at incredible savings.

Blister packaging, cards, rf sealing, clamshell

Services Include

  • Blister Sealing
  • Clamshell Sealing
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Shrink Banding
  • Over Wrapping
  • Hand Assembly
  • Pallet Displays
  • CD/DVD Reproduction
  • 8mm Reproduction
  • Much, much more!
  • fulfillment, packout, Maxell, Mexico, blister sealing, clamshell sealing, shrink wrapping, shrink banding, over wrapping, hand assembly, pallet displays
    With over 20 years experience in the fulfillment industry, GlobalFlex: Maxell has the right solution for every project. We also have fulfillment locations in the US and Asia. Contact us today to learn more about your options around the globe.

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    Maxell Packaging Mexico Blister Packing and Sealing Shrink Wrapping and Hand Assembly Shrink Wrapping Clamshell, Blister Packing and RF Sealng CD, DVD and 8mm Reproduction CD, DVD and 8mm Reproduction
    CD and DVD Manufacturing and Packaging CD and DVD Manufacturing and Packaging Contract Packaging: Maxell de Mexico Maxell - Contract Packaging Contract Packaging by GlobalFlex Fulfillment and Contract Packaging Mexico - Fulfillment and Contract Packaging